Anger Management in Wolverhampton

Anger management involves counselling and therapy techniques to help you cope with angry feelings that may affect your work or personal relationships. Hypnotherapy is another effective technique used to alleviate anger problems.

Help with managing anger

Everybody experiences Anger at some time or another and it is in fact a normal human response. Some people, however, cannot control their anger, and uncontrolled anger, or anger that is vented in the "wrong" direction, can have negative consequences on relationships. We have found that people will point anger in one of two fundamental directions: (1) outwardly, towards other people or (2) inwardly, at themselves. Clearly, both tendencies carry potential liabilities - directing anger at other people is likely to dmage social relationships; turning anger inwardly onto yourself is only likely to ruin your own life!

Common Triggers for Anger

There are many “triggers” that can lead to anger, including some of the following:

  • grief & bereavement
  • injustice
  • sexual frustration
  • drug withdrawal
  • feeling threatened
  • feeling ignored
  • not being taken seriously
  • repressed emotional experiences

People who have anger management problems may find that they experience anger with increasing frequency and begin to lose control over their reactions to what might otherwise be “normal” events. When anger gets out of control, it can lead to serious problems with friends, colleagues, and sometimes create conflict with the law. At worst, when anger clouds the judgement completely, it can lead people to physical violence and all of the problems that go with lashing out.

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