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What you can expect from the days activities

Exposure Therapy

By experiencing the culture and holistic environment and simply engaging in everyday activities – you will prepare yourself for living a more tranquil life once back into the busy demands of western life.

You will learn techniques that allow you to focus your energy on positive mental well being, lower the symptoms of stress and anxiety, and therefore, combat the many mood disorders and their triggers before they start.

There's so much! Whether it’s a gentle bike ride round Krasaew Lake to arrive at one of the many Buddhist temples, relaxing at the local spa, taking in the aromas and ambiance of the local markets, trekking around the national parks, or picking fruit and vegetables from the plantations for your evening meal - Suphan Buri delivers every time.

Picture yourself drifting on the open water, fishing rod in hand whilst sleepily digesting one of your favourite books.

Sunset over the rice fields in Kanchanaburi
In a boat on the river Khwa

You've now, at last, found time to read, and on your return the time to barbeque what you caught, floating on one of the picturesque river homes moored alongside the lake. And if that’s not to your tastes, Suphan Buri is jammed packed with new experiences which are integrated into your daily therapy.

Enjoy a daily mixture of massage, spa, or yoga, before talking your worries away with our highly skilled English therapists. Whatever takes your fancy, our team is here to provide a flexible approach to overcoming personal issues, developing your intimate psychological and physical insights and enhancing your overall wellbeing.

Our integrated style of holistic therapy insures you gain a practical therapeutic experience that you can take back home with you and apply to your everyday life.

Integrated Into Your Daily Therapy ...

Chaloem Rattanakosin National Park

If your idea of relaxation is to explore a little, then you, need not look any further than the province of Kanchanaburi, just a short journey from our location.

Take an all-inclusive guided tour of Chaloem National Park. Explore the expansive mountains, caves and waterfalls covering over - 23 square miles. Immerse yourself in over 300 metres of caving systems, boasting some of the world’s most amazing stalactites and stalagmites. Learn about some of the region's history, through archaeological skeletal remains and traditional weapons found within these caving systems; left over from the great wars with Burma. Take in some of Thailand’s most breath-taking scenery and rare animal species, as you make your way back from the caves to lodge.

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Sunset over the rice fields in Kanchanaburi

Elephants world Sanctuary, Kanchanaburi

Over recent years, animal assisted therapies have become very popular. Here at Trancescend Therapy Holidays we incorporate intervention or activities with animals into our day to day plan.

Research on animal assisted therapies (AAI's) has grown over recent years and there is good evidence to show that, integrated into the right settings and supported by an educational and counselling based approach, there are tremendous benefits for reducing heart rates, blood pressure and the ability to cope with stress, anxiety and depressions such as loneliness.

Elephant at Elephants World, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Part of the experience we provide at Trancescend Therapy Holidays, allows you to experience some of the world’s most amazing animals through an assisted therapy. Imagine being up close with one of the world’s most majestic animals, the Asian elephant. Bonding with them, whilst you prepare food and feed them. Imagine embodying this partnership as you bathe and clean them, synchronising yourself to their placid, delicate but firm natures. Picture yourself riding on an elephant’s back, whilst you soak up some of Thailand's most amazing scenery Kanchanaburi has to offer.

We are sure you will agree, this is a once in a lifetime experience, that will help to secure our relationship with these gracious animals for future generations. In turn this intervention will leave you with a deeper appreciation of ourselves and the delicate interpersonal relationships we hold with our world.

Elephants World Website

Erawan Water Falls, Kanchanaburi

Set into the Tenasserim Hills in Kanchanaburi Province and renowned for being one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand. This seven tier water way snakes and flows through some of the most breath taking scenery.

Erawan Waterfalls, Kanchanaburi
Erawan Waterfalls, Kanchanaburi

Its turquoise pools allow you to gently cool down as you take the energetic pathways that lead down from tier to, boasting some of the most therapeutic and picturesque scenery Thailand has to offer. As you bathe in the sculptured limestone pools, you will notice the abundance of inquisitive fish that surround you. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

More about the Erawan Falls ...

Phuket & Koh Mak Island Breaks

Transcend Therapy Holidays offers a 4-5 day choice of either Phuket island, that is situated to the south on the Andaman sea, or Koh Mak that lies on the gulf of Thailand and is a somewhat shorter journey.

Boats on Phuket
Relaxing on Koh Mak

Your therapy and spa treatments do not stop here, whilst you are able to soak up the amazing views, catch up on your tan on the golden sands and head out diving to some of the most colourful and abundant corral reefs in the world. Kick back in some of the most fabulous restaurants situated in either lively night life or a more restful environment, the choice is entirely yours.

Fine dining on Phuket
Beach view Phuket
Street food on Phuket
Inside a Temple on Koh Mak

I’m sure you will agree a perfect end to your therapeutic experience here in Thailand.

We look forward to seeing you soon from everyone here at Trancescend Therapy Holidays, Thailand.

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