Trancescend Therapy Holidays - Meet the Team

Yellee Charinrat Khamma

Meet – Yellee, ‘sitting amongst the day’s pick of exotic Dorian’. Yellee has held, over the past 20 years, many different roles in the hospitality industry.

She is an amazing chef and really enjoys creating some of the most wonderful Thai culinary delights. She has achieved an important position as clerk, to some of the Thai army’s important figures and, is excellent at translating language.

Her a depth and strong character insures you are in safe hands, as she will be with you every step of the way, sharing co-ordination of venues, sourcing up to date guides and, generally ensuring your day to day happiness.

Yellee is great fun to be around and her loving and caring nature shines through with whatever she is doing. She is a whizz around the local sites and venues and in minutes, has taught you the many important things you need to know about your experiences and integrated you with the locals during your trips out. Certainly one of Suphan Buri’s safe pair of hands!

Yellee - Chef, Host, Activity co-ordinator

Nois - Activities co-ordinator, Tour Guide

Nois Jutirat Jirasiiktaweesin

Or just Noey for short, is your Activities Co-ordinator. Nois has over 20 years’ experience working in the hospitality industry.

Her knowledge of the local and surrounding areas is second to none and you’ll quickly find you can gel with her kind, enthusiastic and fun nature. Weather it’s a trip to the spar, sightseeing, barbeques on the river, or, exploring the local markets, Nois is the lady to show you around. Her understanding of local culture and traditions and her, in depth knowledge of rural Suphan Buri ensures, you are in the best care the area has to offer.

You will have direct contact via phone, on your down time at the resort and, Noey is, the lady that will transfer you to and from the airport and resort, to your local day-to-day activities and, generally look after your needs and introduce you to rural Thai culture. Out of tourist season, Noey is in charge of the Jirasiiktaweesin family business and, manages over 300 hundred Thai staff, on over, 1000 acres of agricultural farm land. So she is definitely, by far, the most experienced tour guide your likely to find. Her knowledge of local Thai families that farm the land, ensures a pleasant and relaxing experience wherever your adventure may take you for dinner.

Rob Rutherford

Rob Rutherford - Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Councellor & Psychologist

This is me, Rob Rutherford on, one of my more relaxed days, enjoying a traditional barbeque alongside the river.

I have a BSc (honors) in Counselling and Psychology, I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. I have over 7 years’ experience working with some of the most difficult clients the Young Offenders Prison, Probation Service, the Youth Offending Team and Addiction Services had to offer me.

I specialise in dealing with the many forms of mood disorders that can be triggered from early traumas right through to adult hood which, arise due to experiencing many different forms of stress anxiety and depression, both socially and on a personnel level.

My main enthusiasm lies with attachment disorders and how they can manifest themselves through are social interactions in everyday life. These patterns of interaction, can greatly affect our confidence in making significant life choices.

The Staff at Zantara Massage & Spa are Just Minutes Away From the Resort.

These guys are in charge of your day to day relaxation and have been providing Trancescend’s clients with their many different therapies for over 4 years. Their excellent reputation and their friendly and professional staff ensure you are in the best hands the area has to offer.

Who is this experience created for?

This incredible therapeutic and augmented experience has been developed as a flexible approach to the many problems that come from an over extended and busy western schedule. Trancescend Therapy Holidays Thailand, are designed for singles and couples alike that are looking to both broaden their lives and address personal issues.

This deeply therapeutic and spiritual experience aids internal understanding and healing whilst expanding your life experiences. Couples are encouraged to work on their relationships at the same time as experiencing these once in a life time experiences.

Couples are encouraged not only to work on personal and shared goals, but also to develop a new balance and, equity, whilst planning for the integration of these new insights once back at home.

Trancescend Therapy Holidays Thailand works with a magnitude of personal and social ‘problems’ please check the rest of the website for more information on the services we offer.

It is our belief that a person centred approach and flexible attitude to self-healing is the way forward and needs to be developed in the pursuit of change.

Trancescend Therapy Holidays caters for many different individuals and couples alike, and aims to develop a sophisticated and flexible answer to your personal and social needs.

To a degree you need to be adventuress and open to new experiences, but don’t worry if you’re the type to sit back and watch the day go by, here at Trancescend Therapy Holidays we pride ourselves in our ability to cater to everyone’s individual needs.

Zantara Massage & Spa
Staff member looks after a client at Zantara Massage & Spa
Clients receiving massages
Zantara Massage & Spa Reception

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