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Therapy Breaks in Thailand

What you need to know for a therapy holiday in Thailand

Trancescend Therapy Holidays Thailand, is about as rustic an experience as you can get, we aim to take you right back to the bare essentials that Thai nature has to offer, in order to deepen your therapeutic experience.

So to some degree, there is a small amount of pitching in and immersing yourself within the day to day buying, picking and cooking of the local produce. The degree to which you feel comfortable with pitching in, is entirely left up to you and we don’t expect you to do any heavy exercise, just some gentle guided tours with the opportunity to pick and cook what you gather.

Although you will be, at times surrounded by Thai speakers this is nothing to worry about. Trancescend Therapy Holidays Thailand will supply you with a basic Thai beginners course before you arrive, so you can learn some basic ways to meet and greet people Thai style, ask for things that you may want or, just enhance your knowledge. Our dedicated English translator is with you every step of the way, when experiencing Thai language and will enable you to have a smooth and flowing conversation with some of the local people you might meet. It is truly a once in a life time adventure.

Thai people are amongst one of the friendliest people you can encounter. They really enjoy meeting foreign people and sharing their cultural experiences with you. They love to prepare and cook food, joke and laugh and generally make you feel a part of the family. Don’t be surprised if you get asked to sample the local Thai whisky and soda water, it’s very popular around meal times. So let go of any worries you may have in this department.

Our team are there to ensure you experience a relaxing and spiritual holiday that will open your mind to the realisation that life does not have to amount to possessions and status. On the contrary, helping one another, sharing and enjoying the comforts of your own cultivation and hard work, is truly at the heart of rural Thai culture. You won’t see a Donna Karen stiletto shoe in sight or, be confrdonted with the next door neighbour’s top of the range BMW, you may secretly be longing to own.

The Thai language doesn’t really have, ‘please’ and ‘thankyous’, it really is, just in the interaction. So some translation or interaction may at times seem somewhat abrupt, you’ll soon get used to not having to explain your every move or worry about offending the people around you. There is not much of a good bye either, because it won’t be long before they are dropping in again. So don’t worry you haven’t offended anybody.

Saying ‘no’ in Thai is deemed to confronting, so just remember to give a brief explanation. So for example, “thankyou (Krap), spicy food is too hot for me to eat”. Mi penri, roughly translated ‘no problem’ is at the top of rural Thai culture, along with, it’s ‘up to them’, or it’s, ‘up to you’, people aren’t easily offended. Take notice though, that shouting at or aggression is viewed very negatively.

Thai people may look small, but I can assure you, they are very strong and don’t have many rules for defending themselves. We have all got some knowledge of the Muay Thai kick boxing culture. Thais can be very speedy!!! So a pleasant and calm manner goes along way and ensures you’ll be well liked, quickly.

These guys are in charge of your day to day relaxation and have been providing Trancescend’s clients with their many different therapies for over 4 years. Their excellent reputation and their friendly and professional staff ensure you are in the best hands the area has to offer.

Who is this experience created for?

This incredible therapeutic and augmented experience has been developed as a flexible approach to the many problems that come from an over extended and busy western schedule. Trancescend Therapy Holidays Thailand, are designed for singles and couples alike that are looking to both broaden their lives and address personal issues.

This deeply therapeutic and spiritual experience aids internal understanding and healing whilst expanding your life experiences. Couples are encouraged to work on their relationships at the same time as experiencing these once in a life time experiences.

Couples are encouraged not only to work on personal and shared goals, but also to develop a new balance and, equity, whilst planning for the integration of these new insights once back at home.

Trancescend Therapy Holidays Thailand works with a magnitude of personal and social ‘problems’ please check the rest of the website for more information on the services we offer.

It is our belief that a person centred approach and flexible attitude to self-healing is the way forward and needs to be developed in the pursuit of change.

Trancescend Therapy Holidays caters for many different individuals and couples alike, and aims to develop a sophisticated and flexible answer to your personal and social needs.

To a degree you need to be adventuress and open to new experiences, but don’t worry if you’re the type to sit back and watch the day go by, here at Trancescend Therapy Holidays we pride ourselves in our ability to cater to everyone’s individual needs.

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